We highly value professionalism and the great responsibility we carry when inspecting equipment utilised on board. We take pride in our highly qualified and skillful inspectors, who continuously develop and expand their knowledge and skills by attending specialised seminars and events and training in Cyprus, as well as abroad. All the equipment inspected by our team will perform at its full potential at any given moment.

Life-saving Equipment Inspection

We specialise in inspection of Immersion Suits, EEBD, Breathing Apparatus, Liferafts, Inflatable Life Jackets, Life Boat and Launching Appliances Services (Annual & 5 Year) and calibration of Gas Detection Devices.

Fire Fighting Equipment Inspection

Our personnel and equipment are fully certified to perform services such as repair and inspection of Fire Hoses and Nozzles, CO2 Systems, Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors, and Firemen Suits.

Motor Rewinding

We have all the necessary equipment that is required to rewind, test, analyse and repair a motor and electronic equipment and perform annual inspection of the bridge and crane of a vessel.

Port Agency & Crewing

We operate as port agents at every port of Cyprus. We handle all the paperwork on the client's behalf, book the port services, manage any possible crew changes and make sure that the visit goes smoothly as planned. Contact our agents at agency@rodousupply.com